Paris Hilton
Quote: "I want to have a party and I want the Minx!!"

Jessica Biel
Quote: "I never want to go to the XXX stores. This is the best!"

Jessica Alba
Quote: "Cash can kiss this off my shoulders!"

Rachel Leigh Cook

Seth Green

Eliza Dushku

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Adrianne Curry
Quote: "Thank you so much for throwing my bachelorette party."

Gretchen Mol
Quote: "This is soooooo cute! I love it!"

Vanessa Carlton
Quote: "We are going to have fun this weekend!"

Anne Heche
Quote: "I can't wait to host a Booty Parlor party".

Tommy Lee
Quote: "I want eight pairs for all my lady friends".

Shannon Elizabeth
Quote: "That is the prettiest bottle of lubricant I've ever seen".

Lance Bass
Quote: "Fun times!"

Aisha Tyler

Chris Judd

Wilmer Valderrama

Tia Carrerre

Hayden Kristiensen

Naveen Andrews

Brooke Shields
Quote: "Does this kit come with a babysitter?"

Bobbie Thomas

Marla Sokoloff

Jenna Jameson

Kelly Hu

Nikki Reed

Blake Lively

Cisco Adler

Bai Ling

Constantine Maroulis

Brittany Gastineau

Carmit Bachor
(of The Pussycat Dolls) Quote: "I'm tickled pink, it's so sexy!"

Natasha Henstridge

Kiera Chaplin

Deborah Gibson

Evan & Jaron

Lisa Ray

Sean Pyfrom

Amanda Seyfried