Sexerciser - Kegel Exercizing Balls

Smartballs Sexerciser For Kegel Exercises

Are you ready for stronger, more intense orgasms? Start your sexercising program today doing simple kegel exercises with these discreet Smartballs. Learn more

Whether you are looking to improve your orgasms or get back into shape after a baby, doing kegel exercises with the Smartballs sexerciser will get you there faster! Insert these weighted orgasm orbs and start sexercising to tighten and tone your sexiest muscles without anyone knowing your sexy secret.

Sexy Tip: Use the Smartballs Sexerciser while walking, running, or swimming. Your body's motion will create discreet vibrations, exercizing your sexy muscles and adding a delicious low level thrumming pleasure to your day.

Always clean your toys with anti-microbial toy cleaner after use.