Pampered Bathing Bliss

Pampered Bathing Bliss

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It's time to hang a "do not disturb" sign on the bathroom door and create a special time-out in the tub. Relax into thick, creamy bubbles, then let the Purring Massage Mitt soothe away the day's stresses - and maybe inspire a bit of frisky "me" time.

This bundle includes:

Naughty Bubbles Bubble Bath

If sinking into a sumptuous soak is your idea of ecstasy, Naughty Bubbles is going to be your new favorite bath time companion.

  • Intoxicating bouquet of creamy white Tuberose
  • Loads of thick, rich bubbles
  • Shimmer beads for radiant sexy skin
  • Shatter proof bottle is safe and sexy

Purring Massage Mitt

Turn on the Purring Massage Mitt and transform your bath into a relaxing, luxurious and ever-so-frisky spa experience.

  • Ultra-soft, high-grade white terry cloth
  • Waterproof massaging bullet
  • Batteries included