Naughty Bubbles

Naughty Bubbles Bubble Bath

Bubble bath to lather you in naughtiness. Learn more

What's going on under all those bubbles? We won't tell...

Naughty Bubbles is deeply sexy, tuberose-scented liquid sin, specially formulated to lather you in naughtiness.

If sinking into a sumptuous soak is your idea of ecstasy, Naughty Bubbles is going to be your new favorite bath time companion.

Product Features:

  • Intoxicating bouquet of creamy white Tuberose
  • Shimmer beads for shimmering sexy skin
  • Shatter proof bottle is safe and sexy

Sexy Tip: Naughty Bubbles can set the stage for a relaxing stay-at-home date with your lover, or be a great gift for girlfriends and bachelorettes!

To use just poor a generous amount under warm, running water to create an indulgent bubble bath. Sink slowly into your steamy form fantasy. Soak. Play. Dream. Seduce!