How do I care for my toys?
Can I use my toy in the bath?
How do I know if my toy is waterproof?
What kind of lubricant should I use with my toys?
How do I know if my toy contains latex and/or silicone?
How long will my batteries last?
Are your products safe?
Any other basics I should know about toys?
Are Booty Parlor body products tested on animals?
How do I care for my lingerie?
How is your lingerie sized?

How do I care for my toys?

It's very important that you clean your toys before and after each use so they stay fresh and sparkling for your next date. Booty Parlor's Nice Girls Play Clean is a fantastic cleaner that can be used on all of our toys.

When cleaning your toys, dampen a cloth with either Nice Girls Play Clean, rubbing alcohol or soapy water, and wipe gently.

Never submerge your toys in water, unless of course, they're from our waterproof collection.

Our Waterproof collection of vibrators are meant for safe use in the bath, although you should always make sure that the battery case is closed tightly before use to avoid any leakage into the case that might damage the batteries.

In the case of non-waterproof, battery powered vibrators, you should take extreme care not to let them get wet.
Never, ever use a vibrator with an electric cord (AC cord) near water.

All of our Waterproof Toys can be found in the"Waterproof" category.

In addition, each our product descriptions will note if a toy if Waterproof.

Add Magic Lubricant, our water-based lubricant is safe to use on all of our toys.

If you are using a silicon based toy, be certain not use silicon lubricant as the lubricant will damage the toy. Water-based lubricants are safe to use on Silicon toys.

If a toy contains latex, it will be clearly marked on the toy's product page on the website.

All toys made from medical grade silicone are clearly marked as well in the toy description.

Well, first of all, it depends how often you use your new dates!

To help your batteries last longer, store them outside of your toy when it's not in use. The batteries will be less likely to corrode, and your toy won't get "turned on" when you don't want it to.

Also, never submerge non-waterproof toys in water!

All of our products are inspected and tested for safety and quality. As long as they are used properly for their intended purpose, all of our products are safe.

If you are easily prone to yeast infections or are very sensitive to skin reactions, we recommend caution when using any of our products.

We also strongly recommend that all electric products such as vibrators should be opened and checked for battery leakage before each usage.

We highly recommend that you do not share your toys, either with a friend or a lover and use extreme precautions to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

If you decide to engage in anal play, never, ever use the same toy anally, then vaginally, in order to avoid any chance of infection. We also recommend that you only use toys designed for anal play - ones with a flared base. Currently, Booty Parlor carries one toy that's safe for anal play, Aidan.

Never use any sex toys or body products on an infected or irritated body part.

Also, never use any massagers - including our toys - on unexplained calf pain. We know, it sounds weird, but it's one of "the rules of personal massagers" that we think you should know.

No, none of our body products have been tested on animals. We wouldn't put anything on our furry friends that we wouldn't put on ourselves.

There are care instructions sewn into each piece of our lingerie. Have more questions? Feel free to email questions to our customer service department.


Sexy comes in all sizes, so we offer a range of sizes in our frisky, flirty lingerie collection - from petite to full-figured.

Need help figuring out which size you are? Refer to our size chart.

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