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The Most Kissable Color .. Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Lip Stain

We’re still buzzing from the launch of our Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Lip Stain – are you?  In case you missed it, here’s the launch video from our founder, Dana.  Check out her tutorial on applying our pretty-in-pink Nibble with a swipe of Tremble gloss. 

What colors are you craving?


How to Kiss…with Confidence!

Valentine’s Day—the sexiest day of the year!—is fast approaching,describe the image and you’ll want to kiss with confidence. Explore these sexy smooches below, practice them, and then on February 14th—go for it with your Mojo blazing! Your kiss-ee will never forget the moment. Whether you practice in the mirror, or in your imagination (a mini-movie starring you and Brad Pitt perhaps?), get into the moment—have some fun!

1. Single lip kiss. Lean in and gently take the kiss-ee’s top or bottom lip between yours, and suck slightly as you pull away. It’s incredibly sensual.
2. Breezy kiss. Kiss, then keep lips’ in contact for an extra (flirty) second, and blow gently on your sweetie’s lips before pulling away. 
3. French kiss. Either mad and passionate, or slow and sexy, this classic can be teased into countless steamy variations.
4. Ice cube kiss. Take an ice cube from your cocktail into your mouth and grab his attention with an ice cold French kiss…hot!
5. The French tickler. Before pulling away from a French Kiss, lightly run the tip of your tongue across your partner’s lips.
6. Upside-down kiss. Lean down and plant one while your honey is lying in bed. Or, make it a surprise! Logistically, this will require sneaking up behind someone who’s seated in a chair or on a couch—as long as you’re sure it will be welcome, it’ll be amazing.

Of course, a little plumping lip gloss is a must for these smooches. It will make your lips look and feel like they can work magic! Add a minty breath booster and you will feel unstoppable.

Enjoy prepping for your smackdown—let me know which kisses you liked best!

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