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A Valentine's Day Love Story - Steak, Sex & Intimacy - By Booty Parlor Founder Dana B. Myers

Valentine’s Day is here and it’s no surprise… it’s one of my favorite holidays.

Now, it wasn’t always this way. I used to HATE Valentine’s Day and write it off as a silly, “Hallmark” holiday.I suppose that was before I met my husband Charlie. Now, it feels like a very intimate holiday. A time to really reflect upon love – not just romantic love, but all the kinds of love in my life.

But I’m not going to talk about the intense, soul-drenching love I have for my two kids, or my mom, or my treasured girlfriends, or even myself.

Instead, I’m going to tell you about my love for steak.

What’s steak got to do with Valentine’s Day? I’ll tell you. It goes back to the first V-Day I ever had with Charlie. We’d been dating for a few months. We were in love and I already knew we’d be together forever — it was thrilling. I walked into his apartment and the whole place smelled of sizzling steak. Through a slightly smoky haze, I saw him buzzing around the kitchen.

A sexy British man making me sizzling steak. OMG. OH YES. It was a revelation.

And when we sat down, each bite satisfied a very deep craving – for lust and sex and love. For a man who could feed me, and in doing so, feed my desire for him.

So yeah – I discovered that the way to my heart (and my libido) is a beautifully prepared piece of meat. It’s true. It’s a little weird. But it makes me feel sexual, sensual, lusty and libidinous. Maybe I was a cave woman in another life?

The truth is, I didn’t know this about myself until Charlie made that steak.  And now, it’s a running joke in our house. A chicken roasting in the oven? Guaranteed to get me feeling frisky. A leg of lamb on a spit? Don’t even get me started. And that’s before he starts to carve it. His cooking brings out the animal in me. He likes that “weird” part of me, and in return, it turns him on.

What’s the point of me telling you this story?

Well… on a holiday where there’s such a high value placed on dinners, diamonds and expensive gifts, I suggest you focus instead on the unique intimate connections you share with your spouse. The quirky, naughty and nuanced curves of your desires and turn-ons.  The “thing” that only the two of you share.  The thing that turns you into an animal.

Talk about it, and then go there again. There’s a reason you were drawn together, so remember it. And if you feel it’s faded too far out of reach, never fear. Intimacy loves to be rekindled – it practically begs for it. Use Valentine’s Day as your excuse to spark it up again.

This year, I’ll be taking mine medium-rare!


DanaDana B. Myers

PS – If you’re in NYC and you’re nterested in rediscovering your enthusiasm for sex, love and lust, then join me at the Mommy Mojo Makeover workshop, starting February 27th! www.mommymojomakeover.eventbrite.com

Every Good Valentine’s Day Ends In The Bedroom

"Every Good Valentine's Day Should End In The Bedroom" - Dana B. Myers, Founder of Booty Parlor

“Every Good Valentine’s Day Should End In The Bedroom” – Dana B. Myers, Founder of Booty Parlor

Valentines Day is around the corner. Think champagne, roses, chocolate, a romantic dinner. But let’s be real, where does every hot Valentine’s Day wind up at end of the night? In the bedroom, of course!

But clutter, dirty laundry, electronics and kids’ toys can really put the kibosh on a sexy environment – and stop you before your knickers even hit the floor!

So this Valentine’s Day, clean it up and make room for Cupid!  Here are 4 quick tips to transform your bedroom into a romance-ready boudoir.

1.) Make your space work, clutter, and kid free. Jettison any traces of work; they’re a reminder of your To Do list, and of a stressful week ahead. Also, hide your laptops and ipads, unless you plan on watching something sexy on them! Clear out family photos with anyone who shouldn’t be watching you have sex — send your mother-in-law to the den. Kids toys are a reminder that you’re a great parent, but not a sexy mama!  Stow them in their proper place. It’s all a distraction from putting your Mojo first.

2.) Use light to flatter and seduce. Great soft lighting creates intimacy and warmth. Be sure you can adjust your lamps and overhead fixtures with dimmers or different settings. Chandeliers dripping in crystals are always sexy. Warm light from candles and light-filtering lampshades or amber-tinted sconce covers add enchantment. Even stringing up some delicate twinkly lights can add romance and fantasy.

3.) Set a sultry mood with fragrance. Scent can be such a turn-on in your bedroom. It will transport you away from your workday and into your own personal fantasy. Light candles and burn oils – think vanilla, musk, sandalwood, even a hint of cinnamon, or something with a subtle combination of sweet and spicy. For a fun, frisky treat, try Booty Parlor’s “Don’t Stop Massage Candle”. Massage is a great for slowing down, reconnecting with your lover, relieving stress, and stimulating the senses, instead of rushing into intercourse.

4.) Up the foreplay! Once your bedroom has successfully been transformed, go ahead and take the foreplay challenge.  No woman likes it when her lover goes straight for the bull’s-eye, right? So encourage a slow warm-up. Gently glide your lover’s hand on the outside of your jeans first, then let your partner continue over your panties. Eventually, slide his hands underneath them. At this point, you’ll be getting warm and lusting for his touch on your bare skin.

See? You’re probably feeling sexier and more inspired already. Now, go clean up your room, V-Day is almost here!


Gift Guide – For Lovers: Spice Up the Season

Hey Lovahs,

It’s time to spice up the season!

Before you start huffing and puffing about how there’s never any time for nooky while you’re traveling for the holidays, I’m here to tell you this X-Mas is going to be different. Why, you ask? Because you are going to make it so. I know that a week of sugary cookies and family dynamics is enough to dampen anyone’s libido, but you are going to plan a preemptive strike against libido loss. Let’s make a pact to have the sexiest, most satisfying holiday ever.  Are you with me?

Here’s what you’ll do:

Pack a special box of sexy stocking stuffers to gift your lover during your travels. Ask them to unwrap one prezzie each day, with the intention of inspiring a fresh & sexy experience for you to create together. (Be sure you’re gifting/opening in private – you’ll see why in a second!). As each day passes, your love will be dying to see what seductive surprise you have in store for them next. It’s literally like making an appointment for connection, for intimacy, for satisfaction and holiday stress-relief. In between these stolen sessions away from the family, don’t forget to do lots of PDA amongst them and sneak outside for a snowball fight. Here’s a few suggestions to get you going:

Day 1: Kick off the trip with the Turn Me On Vibrating Panties.  Let your lover watch you as you tie the silk ribbons around your hips and pass him the remote control. Head off to the welcome party and watch his temperature rise as the eggnog is served. (Make note to self: try to control your facial expressions!)

Day 2: Have you been good or bad this year? Let him decide with the Good Girl/Bad Girl Feather Spanker. This day’s session is all about role play. He gets to be Naughty Santa, and you, his frisky elf-ette. When you’re good, it’s all soft marabou feathers against your skin. When you’ve been bad, a game of slap-and-tickle. Oh, Santa!!

Day 3: On the 3rd day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… A bubble bath, sexy massage and orgasm that brought me to my knees. And when you gift The Romantic Rendevous LoveKit, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Day 4: Unexpected delays at the airport? Don’t panic. Just check into the airport hotel and whip out your final gift, The Intimacy LoveKit.  It’s passion in a TSA-approved box and a surefire way to have an inspired quickie. Deluxe travel-sized massage oil and lubricant heat things up, while the disposable vibrating couples’ ring helps out in the satisfaction department. (Condoms are included if you’re not in the mood for baby-makin’.)

Take one idea, take all four. Just do something to create a sexy & memorable moment with your lover this year.


How to Flirt Like You Mean It

describe the imageSomething I get asked a lot is: how can I attract attention from a guy when I’m out? No question, it can be hard to start a conversation with a cute guy at a bar. “Hi, I’m Dana, and I’d like to get to know you,” is direct, and that alone can be super sexy, but it just isn’t going to roll out of a lot of women’s mouths. Instead, I always recommend using body language. There are lots of options, from a simple smile, to more showy va-va-voom maneuvers—and so anyone can feel confident! Practice these moves in a mirror to see what feels natural, and then go for it!!

Smile! You’re happy to be there, happy to be flirting, happy to be living up to your sexiest self. Happiness is magnetic, and that makes you approachable!
Twirl your hair Playing with your hair can be used to attract your target’s attention. It’s ultra-feminine, and a classic symbol of flirtation. While you twirl your locks, remember to expose your kissable neck, and trace your fingers subtly across your skin. Then send a flirtatious, coy glance his way.
Hold the gaze When you’ve identified someone you want to flirt with, give him a soft, seductive glance, and when he catches you looking, hold it for a few seconds, then look away. Then do it again. He’ll know you’re flirting and you’ll know if he’s interested if he holds your gaze. If he doesn’t, move on.
Show your curves Arching your back naturally pushes your bust forward, and your bum back. Try it just ever…so…slightly when someone is looking at you. It will light up their mind and make you feel super seductive and feminine.
Put your lips into play A little nibble on the corner of your mouth, or even a tiny lick at the corner of your upper lip is a superb visual reference for your flirting object to see. It will get his wheels turning, imagining what other seductive maneuvers your lips can do. Don’t be too blatant or porn-y about this. Just be subtle, subtle, subtle, like you really are licking something off (imagine there’s a dot of cappuccino froth on your lip).
Touch flirt-ily If you’re already engaged in conversation, casual touches on the arm will let the person you’re flirting with know that you’re definitely flirting with him.

Ready to get your flirt on? I know you are. Remember, the key here is subtley—and to have fun! Bring a few BFFs along. Having their support will spark your courage, and generate a lot of tension-busting giggles. Which is perfect because when you’re having fun, you’re relaxed, and acting yourself…and that’s incredibly attractive!


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Don’t just undress…seduce!

describe the imageNo question, it can sometimes feel…strange taking your clothes off in front of someone else. And if your workaround is to strip down as fast as humanly possible, or if you use stealth—maybe you wiggle out of your clothes in the dark, you’re missing an amazing Mojo boosting opportunity for you and your partner. From here on out, I want you to own the moment…and seduce with it! Ready?

There’s an art to taking it all off and it boils down to three words: be a tease. Draw the moment out to build anticipation.

Your bra: Push the shoulder straps down slowly, one at a time. Then while gently holding the bra in place with one hand, slide the other back along one side and unhinge the clasp. Keep holding the front for a few seconds (an about-to-fall-off bra is hot). Then make a show of dropping it to the floor.

Panties: Slowly tug one side down a few inches, then the other side, wiggle your bum…and pull them back up. Then lie back and suggest that your partner peel them off. Lift your hips and forelegs a few inches to help them glide down, and when they reach your toes, say you’ll take it from there, and then flick them across the room!

Lace-up bodices: If you’re wearing a lingerie top with lots of hooks or laces in the back, turn your bod so your partner sees the view and slowly, methodically undo each tiny hinge. 

Chemises, baby dolls, and flowy teddies: Remove them while standing up. Make eye contact and gently glide your fingers across your collarbone and push down one strap, and then the other, and then hold the gown in place with one hand, and release so it drops down and puddles around your feet. 

Stockings: Kick off your heels, then prop one foot on a chair or the bed frame. Slowly release the garter clips from one leg, then roll one stocking down, slowly, and when you reach your calf, sit back on the bed, point your toe out, and ask for help removing the rest. Repeat on the other leg.

Of course your partner will be spellbound by all of this, but how does this fuel your Mojo? Putting on a provocative show makes you feel sexy and desirable (you can totally get the boost solo—strip down in front of a mirror!). The more often you experience that gorgeous feeling, and confidence that goes with it, the better!

Think of me the next time you strip. Oh come on, you know what I mean!

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