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Mojo Mission #2 – The secret to planning a memorable Valentine’s Day

5 Steps for planning the most memorable Valentine’s Day

Dana B. Myers - Founder

Are you ready for an extraordinarily sexy Valentine’s Day?  I mean, like one for the record books?  But are you just a teensy bit unsure whether your guy will know exactly how to pull it off?

Let’s face it, girls, unless your man rides a white horse, sports tights and answers to the name “Prince Something”, chances are he could use a little help from you in the planning department.

Luckily this isn’t the dark ages so we Modern Girls with Mojo can feel free to take matters into our own hands and ensure that Valentine’s Day is fabulous!  Whether you offer a little help or a lot your guy will love your straightforwardness.  Also, if you focus your attention on what will please him, it will pay you dividends.  There’s nothing sexier than a happy guy . . .

So what’s the best way to prepare for Valentine’s Day?  What’s the best way to reinvigorate your mojo and ensure the hottest night ever?  Are you ready for this fun little twist?

It’s Girls Night In!  Yes – in.  With the girls.  Here’s why:

Your friends all have their own love lives, their own sexy experiences, their own stories – and their own techniques – all of which make them a fantastic wealth of information.  Why not tap into this booty-ful bounty – and share the wealth!  This is truly a win-win-win. Why girls night “in”, you ask?  When you’re in an intimate and safe setting – such as your own home – you can talk freely about sex without the prying ears of others and without shouting over loud music to be heard.  Invite your best girlfriends over for some chilled cocktails and warm snacks and cozy up on the couch together.  Don’t forget paper and pen.  You’re gonna wanna take notes!

Here are my 5 steps for throwing the perfect Girls Night In:

 1. Think intimate.  Four close friends who are comfortable together is ideal.  Your guests will feel freer to talk openly.  Large groups can get unruly.  Email a playful and enticing invitation that will set the stage for frisky fun!

2. Set the mood.  Enjoy creating a sexy atmosphere with candles, flowers, soft lighting.  Stir up a signature cocktail for the occasion for those who might need a little liquid courage.  Mojo Mojitos, anyone?  And don’t forget the sultry tunes.  Try Portishead, Pink Martini, Chris Isaac, Prince or any slow burning R ‘n’ B.  (You mojo mavens should have at least one favorite sexy playlist all ready to cue up on your iPods anyhow, right?)

3. Ease in to the sexy talk.  Once everyone has had a chance to talk about their days, they will be loosened up to get down and dirty!  For girls, after all, talk is foreplay.

4. Keep it private.  What happens at Girls’ Night, stays at Girls’ Night!  Announce this with sincerity from the very beginning.  Your guests will feel much more comfortable to open up when they know that all their juicy details will be kept on the down low.

5. Be prepared to lead the way!  As hostess, your attitude will set the tone for the others.  Be ready with some fun stories to share.  Better still, create some conversation starters on note cards to pass out.  This will give your guests somewhere to start and will keep the lusty talk flowing.

(In my next blog I’ll share some fun, sure-fire conversation starters that everyone will love!)

With all these fun new tips, tricks and techniques (Thanks, friends! Who knew!?) you will ALL feel a surge of sexy self confidence. Like a mojo a go-go! Girl Power at its sexiest. Channel all that excitement into your Valentines plans and you and your lover will be over the moon – together. Can’t you just picture it?

I have a feeling you’re going to want to do Girls’ Night In again and again . . .

With loads of love & affection,

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2014 Mojo Mission #1 – Boost Your Mojo with Four Steps to a Wardrobe Refresh

Dana B. Myers - Founder

Aaah . . . a new year.  A clean slate.  It’s the greatest gift ever.  Lying before you:

365 days sparkling with promise
52 weeks of momentum for your dreams
12 months of sweet, sexy possibility

But instead of writing up a list of hard-to-keep resolutions, I have instead created an inspiring new mantra for 2014.  (Drum roll, please.)

“This is the year of YOU – only sexier.”

In fact, I am dedicating this year’s blog to helping you achieve that very notion. I’ll reveal my best mojo-raising tips and sexy-savvy tricks PLUS offer up some fun, hands-on activities to shake things up a bit.  You need only to decide that you’re game.  Game to be the happiest, sexiest, most confident version of yourself – ever.  Ready to roll?

I just have one question:  What are you gonna wear?

Yup. You read me correctly.  If you’re like me, what you wear and how you look totally dictates how you feel.  If I’m wearing shlubby sweats I just plain feel shlubby.  My friend told me about a major “aha” moment she had a few years back:  She’d always worn these cute jeans with a T-shirt and one day decided to upscale them with a silky blouse, hot boots and a turquoise statement necklace.  She remembers feeling transformed.  “I knew I looked hot so my confidence shot through the roof.  I walked into a party like I owned the joint.”  I love this!

That’s why the first Mojo Mission of the year is a little wardrobe makeover. I’m not talking about a complete overhaul, but a thoughtful fine tuning. Are you with me?  I want everything you reach for in your closet to be something that makes you feel good when you slip it on.  Stuff that makes you shine not just on the outside but on the inside, as well.

Let’s do this together in four steps:

1) Assess and Prepare.  I want you to stand before your closet and close your eyes.  Just take a moment to envision your sexiest selves through the years. What have been your fashion hallmarks?  Which of those looks still feel great when you think about who you are right now?  Which looks should be kissed goodbye to remain fond (or not so fond!) memories?

2) Sort and Discard!  Get three garbage bags.  One for alterations, one for donations and the last for true garbage.  Start trying things on to see how they make you feel and to gauge how they currently fit you.  Is that over-sized shirt just something to cover up your perceived imperfections?  Do not dream of telling yourself that you’ll start trying to look sexy 5 pounds from now.  You have loads of assets that make you look great today.  Accentuate them!

3) Restock! This is my personal fave.  Explore magazines, surf the internet and do lots of people watching.  Take notes.  Take note, too, of what your wardrobe seems low on.  Then, grab the girlfriend you think has the best style sense and hit the stores together.  Even if you find just one or two new items that give you that sexy lift it was worth it.

4) Rock it!  Enjoy how that silky dress feels on your skin.  Notice how sexy your curves look in those slacks.  Strut your stuff in those hot boots. Get your mojo running and wear your clothes with confidence. You will feel like you – only sexier.

With loads of love & affection,

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