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How to Flirt Like You Mean It

describe the imageSomething I get asked a lot is: how can I attract attention from a guy when I’m out? No question, it can be hard to start a conversation with a cute guy at a bar. “Hi, I’m Dana, and I’d like to get to know you,” is direct, and that alone can be super sexy, but it just isn’t going to roll out of a lot of women’s mouths. Instead, I always recommend using body language. There are lots of options, from a simple smile, to more showy va-va-voom maneuvers—and so anyone can feel confident! Practice these moves in a mirror to see what feels natural, and then go for it!!

Smile! You’re happy to be there, happy to be flirting, happy to be living up to your sexiest self. Happiness is magnetic, and that makes you approachable!
Twirl your hair Playing with your hair can be used to attract your target’s attention. It’s ultra-feminine, and a classic symbol of flirtation. While you twirl your locks, remember to expose your kissable neck, and trace your fingers subtly across your skin. Then send a flirtatious, coy glance his way.
Hold the gaze When you’ve identified someone you want to flirt with, give him a soft, seductive glance, and when he catches you looking, hold it for a few seconds, then look away. Then do it again. He’ll know you’re flirting and you’ll know if he’s interested if he holds your gaze. If he doesn’t, move on.
Show your curves Arching your back naturally pushes your bust forward, and your bum back. Try it just ever…so…slightly when someone is looking at you. It will light up their mind and make you feel super seductive and feminine.
Put your lips into play A little nibble on the corner of your mouth, or even a tiny lick at the corner of your upper lip is a superb visual reference for your flirting object to see. It will get his wheels turning, imagining what other seductive maneuvers your lips can do. Don’t be too blatant or porn-y about this. Just be subtle, subtle, subtle, like you really are licking something off (imagine there’s a dot of cappuccino froth on your lip).
Touch flirt-ily If you’re already engaged in conversation, casual touches on the arm will let the person you’re flirting with know that you’re definitely flirting with him.

Ready to get your flirt on? I know you are. Remember, the key here is subtley—and to have fun! Bring a few BFFs along. Having their support will spark your courage, and generate a lot of tension-busting giggles. Which is perfect because when you’re having fun, you’re relaxed, and acting yourself…and that’s incredibly attractive!


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Don’t just undress…seduce!

describe the imageNo question, it can sometimes feel…strange taking your clothes off in front of someone else. And if your workaround is to strip down as fast as humanly possible, or if you use stealth—maybe you wiggle out of your clothes in the dark, you’re missing an amazing Mojo boosting opportunity for you and your partner. From here on out, I want you to own the moment…and seduce with it! Ready?

There’s an art to taking it all off and it boils down to three words: be a tease. Draw the moment out to build anticipation.

Your bra: Push the shoulder straps down slowly, one at a time. Then while gently holding the bra in place with one hand, slide the other back along one side and unhinge the clasp. Keep holding the front for a few seconds (an about-to-fall-off bra is hot). Then make a show of dropping it to the floor.

Panties: Slowly tug one side down a few inches, then the other side, wiggle your bum…and pull them back up. Then lie back and suggest that your partner peel them off. Lift your hips and forelegs a few inches to help them glide down, and when they reach your toes, say you’ll take it from there, and then flick them across the room!

Lace-up bodices: If you’re wearing a lingerie top with lots of hooks or laces in the back, turn your bod so your partner sees the view and slowly, methodically undo each tiny hinge. 

Chemises, baby dolls, and flowy teddies: Remove them while standing up. Make eye contact and gently glide your fingers across your collarbone and push down one strap, and then the other, and then hold the gown in place with one hand, and release so it drops down and puddles around your feet. 

Stockings: Kick off your heels, then prop one foot on a chair or the bed frame. Slowly release the garter clips from one leg, then roll one stocking down, slowly, and when you reach your calf, sit back on the bed, point your toe out, and ask for help removing the rest. Repeat on the other leg.

Of course your partner will be spellbound by all of this, but how does this fuel your Mojo? Putting on a provocative show makes you feel sexy and desirable (you can totally get the boost solo—strip down in front of a mirror!). The more often you experience that gorgeous feeling, and confidence that goes with it, the better!

Think of me the next time you strip. Oh come on, you know what I mean!

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V-Day Gift Guide Alert: Time for Some Sexy Shopping!

describe the imageAttention Booty Parlor Babes: Are you in the mood to shop? Our fabulous founder and Sexy Lifestyle Expert Dana B. Myers has whipped up a seductive list of goodies to give or get on this Valentine’s Day. Check out her picks and then go get ‘em at bootyparlor.com!

For You: Bring on the Burlesque!
• Va Va Voom Pink Feather Boa, $16 Whether you’re playing the role of a burlesque dancer, a naughty Marilyn Monroe, or any sexy siren, a Boa adds the perfect touch of tease.
• Foxy Bombshell Hipster Bikini, $26 This pink, playful panty is slinky and offers a flattering sihouette…so you can sashay with confidence. Features a peak-a-boo window for backside cleavage. Ooh la la!
• Good Girl/Bad Girl Feather Whipper, $24 Captivate your audience with the Good Girl/Bad Girl Feather Whipper. Naughty or nice? You call the shots.
• The Seduction LoveKit, $38 Includes the finishing touches for your sexy show (and afterwards!): Booty Parlor massage oil, lubricant, a candle, and a pout-plumping, minty lipgloss.

For Your Lovah: Trigger your partner’s Mojo with these steamy surprises.
• Don’t Stop Massage Candle, $36 Turn up the heat—this candle melts into warm oil that can be poured onto skin and massaged in. Daring…and delightful.
• Skin Honey, $22 Spice up his game by letting him decide how to use this delicious, three-in-one kissable body topping, massage gel and lubricant.
• Turn Me On Vibrating Panties, $99 Wear Booty Parlor’s famous vibrating panties to a romantic dinner and slide the gift-wrapped controller over to him. He’ll love your sexy secret!
• The Intimacy LoveKit, $24 It’s passion in a box! A disposable vibrating couples’ ring, Booty Parlor condoms, and mini-sized massage oil and lubricant.

For Your Girlfriends: Each one is frilly and fearless—these picks let her explore both sides.
• Flirty Little Secret Perfume Oil with Pheromones, $22
 The seductive scent and pheromones will make her the center of attention day or night. Dana gives this to all her best friends!
• Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Infused Plumping Lip Gloss, $16  These sultry, high shine glosses have plumping ingredients and aphrodisiacs to draw attention to the mouth…and inspire desire!
• Melt Chocolate Body Fondue, $15 She’ll get creative with this melt-able chocolate body paint—it comes with a brush! It’s also perfect for dipping fruit into, for a special V-Day treat.
• Tickle Me Intimacy LoveKit, $30 No question, she’ll put this hanky-panky-inspiring kit to good use. Includes a Marabou feather body duster, kissable body shimmer and Booty Parlor massage oil and lubricant. 

Ready to shop? We thought we’d tell you again for good measure that you can find everything you want at the V-Day Gift guide at bootyparlor.com

Mojo Makeover Book: How it started…and how I started!

describe the imageThe Mojo Makeover book goes on sale today! (Check out my video message from Times Square.) Once you get it, I want you to be in close touch with me, tell me how it’s going—give a shout out for all your “yes!” moments. Clue me in! 

I’ll share what’s happening with me, too. I’m going to kick things off by telling you where the Mojo Makeover book came from. 

It began with…my mom.

Yes, my mom! Besides being gorgeous, charismatic and irresistible, my mom was a makeup artist. She had the ability to transform women’s lives through her makeovers. She’d illuminate their inner sirens, and they’d look at themselves in an entirely different way than when they were finished. Barbara coached them, right there in her chair. She asked questions and got the women to talk about themselves…she was their Vault. When they walked out of the salon, they were lit up from the inside. They exuded sexy self-confidence!

I worked at the beauty salon where my mom did makeup. Watching her, I learned to believe in the beauty and power that exists in every woman. I came to understand that with a little girlfriend-to-girlfriend chat, some practical instruction, and yes, a little lipgloss, you could help any woman discover her unique beauty, feel more alive and boost her inner confidence.

From Beauty Shop to Booty Parlor

In 2004, I started Booty Parlor, a brand of beauty products and sexy bedroom accessories created specifically to boost women’s sexy self-confidence. Every piece offers a way for women to bring their inner vixen out to play. So creating this brand was a natural evolution for me. I modeled it on the close-knit, girly vibe of a beauty shop, where all inhibitions could be left at the door. I wanted women to forget boundaries and feel comfortable asking personal questions. I knew I was right, and I knew women would love it, and they did!

Over the next several years, I educated thousands of women on sex and sexy products, and along the way, I created a program to lead women through their own sexy revolutions….I called it The Mojo Makeover. Its purpose was—and still is—to get women more in tune with their sexy selves. I want everyone to have that blissed-out feeling like the ladies at the beauty shop, and to carry it with them into all parts of their lives.

I’m definitely my own woman, but I have Barbara’s desire to groom women’s inner spark—to set them free to enjoy their curves, their sexiness, their lives. I can’t wait to bring that to all of you and I can’t wait to hear what you think about the book!

Leave me a note here, or FB me! 

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Turn your bedroom…into a sexy boudoir!

describe the imageAs a Sexy Lifestyle Expert, you can imagine that a lot of what I talk about takes place in the bedroom. But let’s take a moment to focus on the space itself. I want you to think about the bedroom as a sanctuary, a place that you escape to….an oasis.  

These five moves (and a few key accessories) will make your bedroom feel more fabulous, and you’ll feel sexier in it!

 1. Ditch the clutter. Move the exercise equipment and all traces of work to another room—they’re reminders of things you need to do and they distract you from sexy thoughts. File the store receipts away and put any kid or in-law photos in the den or playroom, you don’t need them watching!

2.  Add sexy accents. Think: a frilly, bordello-inspired bedside lamp, a string of tiny white lights along your curtains, a twinkly chandelier. And of course, light some candles! Booty Parlor Don’t Stop Massage Candle is made from soy wax, which has a low burning point and can be drizzled onto skin and massaged in. The scent is divine!

3. Upgrade your bedding. Bedding that feels good against bare skin is so seductive. Look for satin or silk which are slinky and sexy. Another favorite of mine (especially in the cooler months) is cotton jersey—it’s amazingly soft and happens to be totally affordable.

4.  Keep chocolate close by! It’s an aphrodisiac. Try Booty Parlor Melt Chocolate Body Fondue for dipping strawberries into. I created it because I love the close connection that comes from being fed, and feeding someone else. It’s very Cleopatra/Marc Antony-ish…so hedonistic and intimate. I’ve also been known to share molten chocolate cake in bed. The texture alone is…naughty. Just buying it for the night fires up my Mojo!

5. Debut a new frisky accessory. No question, it will inspire desire! Try Booty Parlor’s lacy Turn Me On Vibrating Panties. Its 10 remote-controlled settings offer all sorts of fabulous bedroom experiences! Whatever you choose to spice things up, whether it’s a piece of lingerie, a toy, a sexy movie, make a show of it by displaying it on top of your bed. Glancing at it during the day will build anticipation for you (and your partner!).

Easier than you imagined, right? Go for it this weekend…think of it as a warm-up to Valentine’s Day!

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Let’s Talk About Mojo!

describe the imageThe Booty Parlor Mojo Makeover: Four Weeks to a Sexier You is out soon. Really soon. Like January 25th soon! So in honor of our founder (and book author) Dana B. Myers, and to help spread the Mojo magic around, let’s have a quick Q&A-style warm up!

What’s Mojo? Mojo is your sexy spark. It’s that glow that comes from within, your lust for life. Mojo is more than just confidence. It’s sexy self-confidence, your ability to know, embrace and love your body—and to let the world know it! 

Why work on your Mojo? When your Mojo is fired up, you exude sexy self confidence. Others feel that and respond in kind, adding even more gas to your Mojo tank.

Will fixing my Mojo feel…right? There’s no ‘fixing’ going on, that’s so important to know! The Mojo Makeover isn’t about changing who you are—it’s about highlighting everything that you already are, drawing on your passions, your personality, your past experiences, current preferences and relationships. It brings all the fabulous things about you up to the surface—where they should be.

Can you jump start your Mojo? For sure! Try admiring yourself. (Really!) Dance in the mirror wearing something skimpy. Get into the mix and flirt a little, and soak up the positive reaction. Wear something that shows off your curves and enjoy the attention. You see? It’s not hard. Here’s another one: In the shower, take time to caress and worship your soft skin, and high-five your juicy curves. Do it while you wash with a decadent bath gel or bubble bath (it can double as a body wash, you know). Do the same by applying a rich body cream (and stop saving it for special nights, use it every day!). Your skin will be touchable…sexy! Try Booty Parlor Naughty Bubbles Bubble Bath. It leaves a luminous glow on skin. And follow with Booty Parlor Flirty Little Secret Luminizing Body Butter, a luxe cream with a seductive scent that’s infused with pheromones, which help to subtly inspire sexy-self confidence, flirtation, and attention from those around you.

See? It’s easy. Got some Mojo moves of your own? Share them here—hit the comments!

The touch…that hits the spot.

Earlier this week, I realized I had a king-sized knot in my neck, and another in my shoulder. I think it must have been from the combination of LA traffic (prepping for the Mojo Makeover book launch has got me driving to meetings all over town, which is exciting, but crazy!), and a new interval training workout program I started on Tuesday (note to self: must stretch more afterwards).

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The first clue that things were off was the robotic walk that my posture took on by mid-week. I was stiff. I ached. I was cranky about it. Because I wasn’t feeling loose, my physical energy wasn’t really flowing smoothly…and you know, when your body is stiff, your Mojo can get stiff too!

I needed to take action, so I decided to book a massage, and not just a 60-minute massage, or a 90-minute massage. I pushed all my mommy guilt aside and booked a 120-minute deep tissue massage. It was nothing short of HEAVEN! Days later, the benefits are still rolling out. My body is supple, bendy, fabulous. And I feel friskier for it. A happy body wants to be touched, you know.  

I want to share this feeling with someone else. So, I think I’ll treat the husband to a little relaxing massage tonight. I’ve got some great techniques to wow him with. I want to share them, so you can give someone you love a seductive ending to their week, too!

• When using massage oil, be sure to warm it for a few seconds in a microwave, then stir it and test a drop before you slather it onto your partner’s skin. It feels so much more sensual than cold oil. (I created a sexy candle for Booty Parlor called Don’t Stop Massage Candle—you light it and the soy wax melts into a warm massage oil that’s meant to be drizzled onto skin. It was one of my favorite products to test-run!)

• The best massages are sensual and slow, don’t over-think it. I follow the pattern of masseuses I have visited: I start with the back and work down, and then I do the arms, then the butt and legs. When you do the arms, continue over the hands and then gently pull each finger, one by one from base to tip. It’s a little move that gives an extra rush of pleasure—fingers are loaded with nerve endings, and by the time you get to them, your partner’s body is ready to explode and the little tugs on each digit will push him over the edge! He’ll never forget it.

• I know, you want your turn! But I advise waiting until the next night to collect. Because let’s be honest, when you are getting a rubdown, you don’t want to think about then having to give one. At least I don’t! I want to bask in the moment and then lie there after….and eat a piece of chocolate!

• Massage is an amazing way to share time together, whether you want to prolong your foreplay, or, if you aren’t really in the mood for a wild sexy night, you can still have an intimate time together…and it if leads to more, so be it!

I’m coming to New York City soon for the launch of the book (check my Facebook page for deets, I’ll post events as I get the info!). In the meantime, tell me NYC ladies, what’s the best place to get a massage?

Let me know the hot spots!


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Subtle ways to add glow—and grab attention!

168749 490890858122 6203818122 6342714 7447636 s resized 600The Golden Globes are coming soon—this Sunday!—and there will be tons of glamour and glitz and gorgeous body skin on display. Ready to grab the spotlight for your fabulous self? Amp up your sexy self-confidence with a little well-placed shimmer and shine!

1. Pamper yourself with a body scrub. Use it from neck-to-toe. The reason? Besides making skin touchable and soft, when skin’s surface is smooth, it reflects more light and looks radiant. Try Booty Parlor Flirty Little Secret Pink Caviar Scrub. Its raspberry-lemon sorbet scent makes you smell delicious.

2. Dust on some body shimmer. Place it where your skin gets dewy. Think: along your collarbone, your décolletage, and biceps, and along each shinbone. Try Booty Parlor Dust Up Body Shimmer. The buildable shimmer can be worn like a whisper or boldly depending on your mood (and they taste yummy!).  

3. Double up your lip colors. Apply a deep color lipgloss, then dab another lighter shade overtop, onto to the center of your upper and lower lips. Try Booty Parlor Kissaholic Lip Gloss in Swoon, a provocative plum, and top with Tremble, a sheer light pink. The lighter hue will draw attention to the lushest parts of your lips—seduce away!

Ok Booty Parlor babes…we showed you ours, now you show us yours! How will you get your sexy look on this weekend, ‘Globe style? Smoky eyes? A hot and bothered cheek flush? A new pushup bra? Dish!

New Year’s Resolution: Flirt More!

describe the imageI’m big on flirting, especially within a relationship. It’s how you show that you have the hots for each other. I don’t think it’s done consciously, but women stop flirting when they’re committed. It feels so good to send and receive that kind of frisky attention. After all, you’re not dead! It’s human nature to want to feel desired. 

Try these moves—think of them like a little tune up, to add some spice in 2011. There’s no question, you’ll both enjoy the Mojo boost!

  • Hold hands in public. Such a small, yet mighty flirting move, that’s so often forgotten over time! (You can even slip your fingers into his mitten.) Hands and fingers are loaded with nerves and touching them is electrifying. 
  • Sit on his lap, facing him, when he’s trying to work on the computer. Extra points if you wear a low-cut top when you do this—knowing that he’s liking the view will stir you further.
  • Swat his bottom at random. And shake yours when he’s walking behind you. 
  • Whisper something naughty in your partner’s ear at a public event, or slip a sexy note into his jacket pocket. Your version might be as simple as “wait til I get you home…” or something more graphic. Do what feels right!

You’ll laugh inside at first, but these small moments are exactly what couples need to keep the fire burning. Go on now, get started. The more you flirt, the more you’ll realize that it works! 

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