Top 10 Sexiest Movies!

describe the imageIn honor of the Oscars, The Booty Parlor staff has worked up a list of Sexiest Movies—red hot picks that fill your mind with naughty thoughts long after the credits roll. Some made the list because their sizzle captivated us from start to end, and others, for a single lusty scene that we still replay in our heads (a fab way to boost the old Mojo…doubly so if you insert yourself into the sexy scene!). No question, this list could be 50 flicks long…so let’s get it there. Read and add your own nominees! Bonus: We’re giving away a free Booty Parlor Va-Va-Voom Pink Boa to the first three people to leave their picks! Add them in the comments spot below! 

1. 9-1/2 Weeks This classic remains a sexy must-see because it’s still crazy-hot. And, a piece of trivia: 9-1/2 Weeks started the food-as-foreplay revolution—so it’s the mother of Melt Chocolate Body Fondue!
2. Atonement. After a dozen viewings…the library scene, with Keira Knightley in that green fall-away dress, and James McAvoy just being…James McAvoy still takes our breath away. We play this one in our heads on a regular rotation. 

iStock  ropXSmall3. A Walk on the Moon Viggo Mortensen’s hot hippie traveling shirt salesman meets just-getting-by Diane Lane and lights up her Mojo. And the super hot waterfall scene, whew!
4. Chocolat Two words…Johnny Depp. Let’s face it: the man is a  turn-on in a pirate wig with fake teeth but here he’s in rare form: looking like the sexy man he is, with a hot accent. Bon appetit!
5. The Notebook Desperate longing. Rapture in a dilapidated mansion. And the best kissing scenes ever between Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.
6. Out of Sight George Clooney, a hunky bank robber, and Jennifer Lopez, a saucy federal marshal, enjoy playful banter and ignite major chemistry along the way, which adds to their overal steaminess.
7. Cruel Intentions Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, and Selma Blair, are young, nubile, backstabbing and randy as all heck.
8. Unfaithful Diane Lane is a bored suburbanite who hooks a tasty lothario (who isn’t her buttoned-up husband). So wrong, but so hot.
9. The Age of Innocence Set in what you think is prim-and-proper 19th century New York City. But underneath the politeness is a whole lotta heat. When Daniel Day-Lewis unbuttons Michelle Pfeiffer’s glove and kisses her bare wrist, trust us: it’s today’s equivalent of ripping her clothes off. Passion level: 10 out of 10.
10. Secretary. Frisky, adventurous types will like the strange, erotic office politics in this risque art house film, starring Maggie Gyllenhaal. 

The list could go on, and on…that’s where you come in. Share/debate/discuss your picks in the comments!