Time for Sexy Capades! Tell us your….no-fail pick up moves!

describe the imageWelcome to the first installment of Sexy Capades! Learn and share tips for seduction and sexiness with other Booty Parlor Babes.

Today’s topic: Share your best no-fail flirty pick up moves—your special secret for grabbing the spotlight! Booty Parlor Staffers will get the fun started. Take it away ladies!

• “I have nice, large eyes…I know I do, and I play them up even more with a few false lashes, on top, at the outer corners. It gives me an Angelina Jolie vixen-y vibe that draws guys in.” —Andrea

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 • “I love hats, and I wear them out. It makes you stand out in the best possible way, and they’re a conversation starter. People find it intriguing somehow.” —Sophie

• “I’m hitched now, but when I was single this was my signature move: A dusting of body shimmer between my décolletage. It really enhances the assets, and I am telling you, it got me plenty of attention (and free drinks!).” —Mary Rose

Good stuff, right? Okay ladies we’ve shown you ours, now show us whatca got! Tell us your best tips…add them into the comments below!