Don’t just undress…seduce!

describe the imageNo question, it can sometimes feel…strange taking your clothes off in front of someone else. And if your workaround is to strip down as fast as humanly possible, or if you use stealth—maybe you wiggle out of your clothes in the dark, you’re missing an amazing Mojo boosting opportunity for you and your partner. From here on out, I want you to own the moment…and seduce with it! Ready?

There’s an art to taking it all off and it boils down to three words: be a tease. Draw the moment out to build anticipation.

Your bra: Push the shoulder straps down slowly, one at a time. Then while gently holding the bra in place with one hand, slide the other back along one side and unhinge the clasp. Keep holding the front for a few seconds (an about-to-fall-off bra is hot). Then make a show of dropping it to the floor.

Panties: Slowly tug one side down a few inches, then the other side, wiggle your bum…and pull them back up. Then lie back and suggest that your partner peel them off. Lift your hips and forelegs a few inches to help them glide down, and when they reach your toes, say you’ll take it from there, and then flick them across the room!

Lace-up bodices: If you’re wearing a lingerie top with lots of hooks or laces in the back, turn your bod so your partner sees the view and slowly, methodically undo each tiny hinge. 

Chemises, baby dolls, and flowy teddies: Remove them while standing up. Make eye contact and gently glide your fingers across your collarbone and push down one strap, and then the other, and then hold the gown in place with one hand, and release so it drops down and puddles around your feet. 

Stockings: Kick off your heels, then prop one foot on a chair or the bed frame. Slowly release the garter clips from one leg, then roll one stocking down, slowly, and when you reach your calf, sit back on the bed, point your toe out, and ask for help removing the rest. Repeat on the other leg.

Of course your partner will be spellbound by all of this, but how does this fuel your Mojo? Putting on a provocative show makes you feel sexy and desirable (you can totally get the boost solo—strip down in front of a mirror!). The more often you experience that gorgeous feeling, and confidence that goes with it, the better!

Think of me the next time you strip. Oh come on, you know what I mean!

describe the image