V-Day is coming, are you ready?

describe the imageHi everyone!

Valentine’s Day is definitely about romance, and flowers, and sweetness…but at Booty Parlor, it’s also about sexy fantasies, exploring desires, and letting go of your inhibitions! It’s the perfect occasion for trying out a new seductive persona—you know, the one that’s been bubbling up inside all year, waiting for the right moment to come out and play.

There are no rules on V-Day, so take advantage of the freedom the night brings. Outfit yourself in some sassy lingerie and naughty accessories that will inspire you to strut, sashay, and tease with sexy confidence. I have no doubt it will lead you to discover different, exciting things about yourself and your partner. And speaking of your partner, why not give him a gift—something he can open that will put his mind into a major meltdown? Don’t forget your BFFs, I know you have a few naughty vixens in your tribe, let them know you think they’re fabulous and foxy with a playful treat. 

Check out the frisky V-day gift ideas at bootyparlor.com. I promise, you’ll love giving these sexy surprises as much as you love getting them!”


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