Let Your Sexiest Self Shine This Halloween!

Halloween … It’s the sexiest night of the year, right? Well, yes – and no. For some women, it’s the one night where they can get sexy, bare some skin and be their most sensual selves. But then, they put it all away and go back to their “regular” selves.

To them, we say, enjoy every minute! Break out the fishnets and fake eyelashes, the mega push-up bras and the sky-high stilettoes. But when Halloween is over, don’t pack those tricks away until next year. Use October 31st to get inspired, to revel in your “alter-ego” and enjoy the thrill of being a sex kitten, the power of your own sexy self. Then harness that power and hold onto it all year long.

For others, Halloween is an opportunity to supercharge everyday sexiness. It’s like adding an extra “va” to your “va va voom.” So your strut sultry self – and if you’re looking for some secret weapons to add to your bag sexy tricks, here are a few we think you’ll love:

Collect Kisses, Not Candy

You’re dressed to kill and looking deliciously kissable. Seal the deal by carrying Kissaholic Aphrodisiac-Infused Breath Mist with you so you’re ready for kisses – all night long.

Hey, Flirty-pants:
Wearing a super-short costume that bares (nearly) all? Take your costume to the next level wearing our Turn Me On Vibrating Panties beneath your Naughty Nurse, Sexy Schoolgirl or Officer Frisky costume and for a sexy night you will both remember.

Give ‘Em Props:
Whether you’re going for the good girl or bad girl theme, you’ll be the life of the party with the Good Girl/ Bad Girl Feather Spanker that you can use to seduce – or punish – the ones on your trick or treat list.”

Still on the fence about what you’re going to be for Halloween? We asked Booty Parlor Founder Dana B. Myers for some costume sin-spiratation – check out what she shared!

Echos from Halloween’s Past~ co-founders, Charlie & Dana B. Meyers.


Costume Sin-spiration directly from Dana:

“Miley Cyrus is expected to be one of the most popular costumes this year (Wrecking Ball, anyone?) If you’re going for an OTT Miley , work a bright red lip with Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Lip Stain in Frenchy & pair it with the Throb Lip gloss. With all that “tongue-wagging”, you’ll want to keep your breath fresh, so don’t forget your Kissaholic Mist)!”

“Playing dress-up as a princess or flirting with fairy wings? Coat your curves in our shimmering Dust Up and let your skin light up the night.”

“Halloween is the night to show off some skin- whether you’re baring your midriff as Cleopatra or much, much more as a frisky French Maid. Use Flirty Little Secret Bronzer with Pheromones to prep your bod and make every inch glow… while the proprietary blend of pheromones inspires attraction. Hint: FLS is a great way to enhance a spray tan, so if you’re going for the bronze, don’t forget to shimmer!”