Turn your bedroom…into a sexy boudoir!

describe the imageAs a Sexy Lifestyle Expert, you can imagine that a lot of what I talk about takes place in the bedroom. But let’s take a moment to focus on the space itself. I want you to think about the bedroom as a sanctuary, a place that you escape to….an oasis.  

These five moves (and a few key accessories) will make your bedroom feel more fabulous, and you’ll feel sexier in it!

 1. Ditch the clutter. Move the exercise equipment and all traces of work to another room—they’re reminders of things you need to do and they distract you from sexy thoughts. File the store receipts away and put any kid or in-law photos in the den or playroom, you don’t need them watching!

2.  Add sexy accents. Think: a frilly, bordello-inspired bedside lamp, a string of tiny white lights along your curtains, a twinkly chandelier. And of course, light some candles! Booty Parlor Don’t Stop Massage Candle is made from soy wax, which has a low burning point and can be drizzled onto skin and massaged in. The scent is divine!

3. Upgrade your bedding. Bedding that feels good against bare skin is so seductive. Look for satin or silk which are slinky and sexy. Another favorite of mine (especially in the cooler months) is cotton jersey—it’s amazingly soft and happens to be totally affordable.

4.  Keep chocolate close by! It’s an aphrodisiac. Try Booty Parlor Melt Chocolate Body Fondue for dipping strawberries into. I created it because I love the close connection that comes from being fed, and feeding someone else. It’s very Cleopatra/Marc Antony-ish…so hedonistic and intimate. I’ve also been known to share molten chocolate cake in bed. The texture alone is…naughty. Just buying it for the night fires up my Mojo!

5. Debut a new frisky accessory. No question, it will inspire desire! Try Booty Parlor’s lacy Turn Me On Vibrating Panties. Its 10 remote-controlled settings offer all sorts of fabulous bedroom experiences! Whatever you choose to spice things up, whether it’s a piece of lingerie, a toy, a sexy movie, make a show of it by displaying it on top of your bed. Glancing at it during the day will build anticipation for you (and your partner!).

Easier than you imagined, right? Go for it this weekend…think of it as a warm-up to Valentine’s Day!

describe the image