The touch…that hits the spot.

Earlier this week, I realized I had a king-sized knot in my neck, and another in my shoulder. I think it must have been from the combination of LA traffic (prepping for the Mojo Makeover book launch has got me driving to meetings all over town, which is exciting, but crazy!), and a new interval training workout program I started on Tuesday (note to self: must stretch more afterwards).

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The first clue that things were off was the robotic walk that my posture took on by mid-week. I was stiff. I ached. I was cranky about it. Because I wasn’t feeling loose, my physical energy wasn’t really flowing smoothly…and you know, when your body is stiff, your Mojo can get stiff too!

I needed to take action, so I decided to book a massage, and not just a 60-minute massage, or a 90-minute massage. I pushed all my mommy guilt aside and booked a 120-minute deep tissue massage. It was nothing short of HEAVEN! Days later, the benefits are still rolling out. My body is supple, bendy, fabulous. And I feel friskier for it. A happy body wants to be touched, you know.  

I want to share this feeling with someone else. So, I think I’ll treat the husband to a little relaxing massage tonight. I’ve got some great techniques to wow him with. I want to share them, so you can give someone you love a seductive ending to their week, too!

• When using massage oil, be sure to warm it for a few seconds in a microwave, then stir it and test a drop before you slather it onto your partner’s skin. It feels so much more sensual than cold oil. (I created a sexy candle for Booty Parlor called Don’t Stop Massage Candle—you light it and the soy wax melts into a warm massage oil that’s meant to be drizzled onto skin. It was one of my favorite products to test-run!)

• The best massages are sensual and slow, don’t over-think it. I follow the pattern of masseuses I have visited: I start with the back and work down, and then I do the arms, then the butt and legs. When you do the arms, continue over the hands and then gently pull each finger, one by one from base to tip. It’s a little move that gives an extra rush of pleasure—fingers are loaded with nerve endings, and by the time you get to them, your partner’s body is ready to explode and the little tugs on each digit will push him over the edge! He’ll never forget it.

• I know, you want your turn! But I advise waiting until the next night to collect. Because let’s be honest, when you are getting a rubdown, you don’t want to think about then having to give one. At least I don’t! I want to bask in the moment and then lie there after….and eat a piece of chocolate!

• Massage is an amazing way to share time together, whether you want to prolong your foreplay, or, if you aren’t really in the mood for a wild sexy night, you can still have an intimate time together…and it if leads to more, so be it!

I’m coming to New York City soon for the launch of the book (check my Facebook page for deets, I’ll post events as I get the info!). In the meantime, tell me NYC ladies, what’s the best place to get a massage?

Let me know the hot spots!


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