New Year’s Resolution: Flirt More!

describe the imageI’m big on flirting, especially within a relationship. It’s how you show that you have the hots for each other. I don’t think it’s done consciously, but women stop flirting when they’re committed. It feels so good to send and receive that kind of frisky attention. After all, you’re not dead! It’s human nature to want to feel desired. 

Try these moves—think of them like a little tune up, to add some spice in 2011. There’s no question, you’ll both enjoy the Mojo boost!

  • Hold hands in public. Such a small, yet mighty flirting move, that’s so often forgotten over time! (You can even slip your fingers into his mitten.) Hands and fingers are loaded with nerves and touching them is electrifying. 
  • Sit on his lap, facing him, when he’s trying to work on the computer. Extra points if you wear a low-cut top when you do this—knowing that he’s liking the view will stir you further.
  • Swat his bottom at random. And shake yours when he’s walking behind you. 
  • Whisper something naughty in your partner’s ear at a public event, or slip a sexy note into his jacket pocket. Your version might be as simple as “wait til I get you home…” or something more graphic. Do what feels right!

You’ll laugh inside at first, but these small moments are exactly what couples need to keep the fire burning. Go on now, get started. The more you flirt, the more you’ll realize that it works! 

describe the image