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A Valentine's Day Love Story - Steak, Sex & Intimacy - By Booty Parlor Founder Dana B. Myers

Valentine’s Day is here and it’s no surprise… it’s one of my favorite holidays.

Now, it wasn’t always this way. I used to HATE Valentine’s Day and write it off as a silly, “Hallmark” holiday.I suppose that was before I met my husband Charlie. Now, it feels like a very intimate holiday. A time to really reflect upon love – not just romantic love, but all the kinds of love in my life.

But I’m not going to talk about the intense, soul-drenching love I have for my two kids, or my mom, or my treasured girlfriends, or even myself.

Instead, I’m going to tell you about my love for steak.

What’s steak got to do with Valentine’s Day? I’ll tell you. It goes back to the first V-Day I ever had with Charlie. We’d been dating for a few months. We were in love and I already knew we’d be together forever — it was thrilling. I walked into his apartment and the whole place smelled of sizzling steak. Through a slightly smoky haze, I saw him buzzing around the kitchen.

A sexy British man making me sizzling steak. OMG. OH YES. It was a revelation.

And when we sat down, each bite satisfied a very deep craving – for lust and sex and love. For a man who could feed me, and in doing so, feed my desire for him.

So yeah – I discovered that the way to my heart (and my libido) is a beautifully prepared piece of meat. It’s true. It’s a little weird. But it makes me feel sexual, sensual, lusty and libidinous. Maybe I was a cave woman in another life?

The truth is, I didn’t know this about myself until Charlie made that steak.  And now, it’s a running joke in our house. A chicken roasting in the oven? Guaranteed to get me feeling frisky. A leg of lamb on a spit? Don’t even get me started. And that’s before he starts to carve it. His cooking brings out the animal in me. He likes that “weird” part of me, and in return, it turns him on.

What’s the point of me telling you this story?

Well… on a holiday where there’s such a high value placed on dinners, diamonds and expensive gifts, I suggest you focus instead on the unique intimate connections you share with your spouse. The quirky, naughty and nuanced curves of your desires and turn-ons.  The “thing” that only the two of you share.  The thing that turns you into an animal.

Talk about it, and then go there again. There’s a reason you were drawn together, so remember it. And if you feel it’s faded too far out of reach, never fear. Intimacy loves to be rekindled – it practically begs for it. Use Valentine’s Day as your excuse to spark it up again.

This year, I’ll be taking mine medium-rare!


DanaDana B. Myers

PS – If you’re in NYC and you’re nterested in rediscovering your enthusiasm for sex, love and lust, then join me at the Mommy Mojo Makeover workshop, starting February 27th!

Every Good Valentine’s Day Ends In The Bedroom

"Every Good Valentine's Day Should End In The Bedroom" - Dana B. Myers, Founder of Booty Parlor

“Every Good Valentine’s Day Should End In The Bedroom” – Dana B. Myers, Founder of Booty Parlor

Valentines Day is around the corner. Think champagne, roses, chocolate, a romantic dinner. But let’s be real, where does every hot Valentine’s Day wind up at end of the night? In the bedroom, of course!

But clutter, dirty laundry, electronics and kids’ toys can really put the kibosh on a sexy environment – and stop you before your knickers even hit the floor!

So this Valentine’s Day, clean it up and make room for Cupid!  Here are 4 quick tips to transform your bedroom into a romance-ready boudoir.

1.) Make your space work, clutter, and kid free. Jettison any traces of work; they’re a reminder of your To Do list, and of a stressful week ahead. Also, hide your laptops and ipads, unless you plan on watching something sexy on them! Clear out family photos with anyone who shouldn’t be watching you have sex — send your mother-in-law to the den. Kids toys are a reminder that you’re a great parent, but not a sexy mama!  Stow them in their proper place. It’s all a distraction from putting your Mojo first.

2.) Use light to flatter and seduce. Great soft lighting creates intimacy and warmth. Be sure you can adjust your lamps and overhead fixtures with dimmers or different settings. Chandeliers dripping in crystals are always sexy. Warm light from candles and light-filtering lampshades or amber-tinted sconce covers add enchantment. Even stringing up some delicate twinkly lights can add romance and fantasy.

3.) Set a sultry mood with fragrance. Scent can be such a turn-on in your bedroom. It will transport you away from your workday and into your own personal fantasy. Light candles and burn oils – think vanilla, musk, sandalwood, even a hint of cinnamon, or something with a subtle combination of sweet and spicy. For a fun, frisky treat, try Booty Parlor’s “Don’t Stop Massage Candle”. Massage is a great for slowing down, reconnecting with your lover, relieving stress, and stimulating the senses, instead of rushing into intercourse.

4.) Up the foreplay! Once your bedroom has successfully been transformed, go ahead and take the foreplay challenge.  No woman likes it when her lover goes straight for the bull’s-eye, right? So encourage a slow warm-up. Gently glide your lover’s hand on the outside of your jeans first, then let your partner continue over your panties. Eventually, slide his hands underneath them. At this point, you’ll be getting warm and lusting for his touch on your bare skin.

See? You’re probably feeling sexier and more inspired already. Now, go clean up your room, V-Day is almost here!


Life & Style Magazine Hails Booty Parlor As ‘The Beauty Breakthough!’

Did you catch it?  Check out this awesome article about Booty Parlor in this week’s Life & Style Weekly!

Describing our sexy beauty products as the “Beauty Breakthrough:  Products that Lure Men!”, we can officially now call Life & Style our favorite celebrity weekly! Well, you know what they say about flattery!

The article quotes our founder, Dana B. Myers, oulining the benefits of our pheromone and aphrodisiac ingredients found in our yummy Flirty Little Secret and Kissaholi products.

Check out the article and get some tips into how to become a man magnet yourself!  Just in time for Valentine’s Day, girls . . .

Booty Parlor products featured in Life & Style Magazine

Life & Style Magazine dubs Booty Parlor products a “beauty breakthrough”!



Mojo Mission #2 – The secret to planning a memorable Valentine’s Day

5 Steps for planning the most memorable Valentine’s Day

Dana B. Myers - Founder

Are you ready for an extraordinarily sexy Valentine’s Day?  I mean, like one for the record books?  But are you just a teensy bit unsure whether your guy will know exactly how to pull it off?

Let’s face it, girls, unless your man rides a white horse, sports tights and answers to the name “Prince Something”, chances are he could use a little help from you in the planning department.

Luckily this isn’t the dark ages so we Modern Girls with Mojo can feel free to take matters into our own hands and ensure that Valentine’s Day is fabulous!  Whether you offer a little help or a lot your guy will love your straightforwardness.  Also, if you focus your attention on what will please him, it will pay you dividends.  There’s nothing sexier than a happy guy . . .

So what’s the best way to prepare for Valentine’s Day?  What’s the best way to reinvigorate your mojo and ensure the hottest night ever?  Are you ready for this fun little twist?

It’s Girls Night In!  Yes – in.  With the girls.  Here’s why:

Your friends all have their own love lives, their own sexy experiences, their own stories – and their own techniques – all of which make them a fantastic wealth of information.  Why not tap into this booty-ful bounty – and share the wealth!  This is truly a win-win-win. Why girls night “in”, you ask?  When you’re in an intimate and safe setting – such as your own home – you can talk freely about sex without the prying ears of others and without shouting over loud music to be heard.  Invite your best girlfriends over for some chilled cocktails and warm snacks and cozy up on the couch together.  Don’t forget paper and pen.  You’re gonna wanna take notes!

Here are my 5 steps for throwing the perfect Girls Night In:

 1. Think intimate.  Four close friends who are comfortable together is ideal.  Your guests will feel freer to talk openly.  Large groups can get unruly.  Email a playful and enticing invitation that will set the stage for frisky fun!

2. Set the mood.  Enjoy creating a sexy atmosphere with candles, flowers, soft lighting.  Stir up a signature cocktail for the occasion for those who might need a little liquid courage.  Mojo Mojitos, anyone?  And don’t forget the sultry tunes.  Try Portishead, Pink Martini, Chris Isaac, Prince or any slow burning R ‘n’ B.  (You mojo mavens should have at least one favorite sexy playlist all ready to cue up on your iPods anyhow, right?)

3. Ease in to the sexy talk.  Once everyone has had a chance to talk about their days, they will be loosened up to get down and dirty!  For girls, after all, talk is foreplay.

4. Keep it private.  What happens at Girls’ Night, stays at Girls’ Night!  Announce this with sincerity from the very beginning.  Your guests will feel much more comfortable to open up when they know that all their juicy details will be kept on the down low.

5. Be prepared to lead the way!  As hostess, your attitude will set the tone for the others.  Be ready with some fun stories to share.  Better still, create some conversation starters on note cards to pass out.  This will give your guests somewhere to start and will keep the lusty talk flowing.

(In my next blog I’ll share some fun, sure-fire conversation starters that everyone will love!)

With all these fun new tips, tricks and techniques (Thanks, friends! Who knew!?) you will ALL feel a surge of sexy self confidence. Like a mojo a go-go! Girl Power at its sexiest. Channel all that excitement into your Valentines plans and you and your lover will be over the moon – together. Can’t you just picture it?

I have a feeling you’re going to want to do Girls’ Night In again and again . . .

With loads of love & affection,

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2014 Mojo Mission #1 – Boost Your Mojo with Four Steps to a Wardrobe Refresh

Dana B. Myers - Founder

Aaah . . . a new year.  A clean slate.  It’s the greatest gift ever.  Lying before you:

365 days sparkling with promise
52 weeks of momentum for your dreams
12 months of sweet, sexy possibility

But instead of writing up a list of hard-to-keep resolutions, I have instead created an inspiring new mantra for 2014.  (Drum roll, please.)

“This is the year of YOU – only sexier.”

In fact, I am dedicating this year’s blog to helping you achieve that very notion. I’ll reveal my best mojo-raising tips and sexy-savvy tricks PLUS offer up some fun, hands-on activities to shake things up a bit.  You need only to decide that you’re game.  Game to be the happiest, sexiest, most confident version of yourself – ever.  Ready to roll?

I just have one question:  What are you gonna wear?

Yup. You read me correctly.  If you’re like me, what you wear and how you look totally dictates how you feel.  If I’m wearing shlubby sweats I just plain feel shlubby.  My friend told me about a major “aha” moment she had a few years back:  She’d always worn these cute jeans with a T-shirt and one day decided to upscale them with a silky blouse, hot boots and a turquoise statement necklace.  She remembers feeling transformed.  “I knew I looked hot so my confidence shot through the roof.  I walked into a party like I owned the joint.”  I love this!

That’s why the first Mojo Mission of the year is a little wardrobe makeover. I’m not talking about a complete overhaul, but a thoughtful fine tuning. Are you with me?  I want everything you reach for in your closet to be something that makes you feel good when you slip it on.  Stuff that makes you shine not just on the outside but on the inside, as well.

Let’s do this together in four steps:

1) Assess and Prepare.  I want you to stand before your closet and close your eyes.  Just take a moment to envision your sexiest selves through the years. What have been your fashion hallmarks?  Which of those looks still feel great when you think about who you are right now?  Which looks should be kissed goodbye to remain fond (or not so fond!) memories?

2) Sort and Discard!  Get three garbage bags.  One for alterations, one for donations and the last for true garbage.  Start trying things on to see how they make you feel and to gauge how they currently fit you.  Is that over-sized shirt just something to cover up your perceived imperfections?  Do not dream of telling yourself that you’ll start trying to look sexy 5 pounds from now.  You have loads of assets that make you look great today.  Accentuate them!

3) Restock! This is my personal fave.  Explore magazines, surf the internet and do lots of people watching.  Take notes.  Take note, too, of what your wardrobe seems low on.  Then, grab the girlfriend you think has the best style sense and hit the stores together.  Even if you find just one or two new items that give you that sexy lift it was worth it.

4) Rock it!  Enjoy how that silky dress feels on your skin.  Notice how sexy your curves look in those slacks.  Strut your stuff in those hot boots. Get your mojo running and wear your clothes with confidence. You will feel like you – only sexier.

With loads of love & affection,

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5 Sexy Tips for the Perfect New Year’s Eve Look

Dana B. Myers - Founder


Okay lovelies, the countdown to the countdown has officially begun!  Are you ready to hit the town stunning?  Before the ball drops and the corks pop (and your lips lock!) get your mojo running to ring in 2014 as your super sexiest ever.

Whether you’re attached, single, throwing a big bash or staying in to snuggle, there’s simply no such thing as too glamorous or too sexy for New Year’s Eve.  To help you get ready for the big night, we’ve come up with our own little countdown – our top five beauty tips for an even more dazzling you:


  1. Sexy skin is the perfect foundation for any look, so start your NYE ritual by making sure every inch of your skin is touchably soft and glowing – especially for this season’s mini-mini skirts.  Booty Parlor’s Flirty Little Secret Firming Bronzer with Pheromones evens skin tone, offers a hint of golden shimmer and packs a powerful secret weapon to make you irresistible.
  2. Looking forward to 2014?  The on-trend eye is smoky smooth with bold lashes for texture.  Edge your lash line with a hint of brilliant sparkle to up the party-glam factor, but keep it real.  The idea is chic – but approachable. Lisa Eldridge has a fab tutorial for the smoky glam look here.

    Amber Anderson with a smoky, glam eye look created by Lisa Eldridge

    Image: Amber Anderson wearing a smoky, glam eye look created by Lisa Eldridge. Don’t miss the tutorial link!

  3. When the clock strikes midnight will you be kissing your lover . . . or an exciting stranger?  Anything goes on New Year’s Eve!  For an exceptionally kissable pout keep lips exfoliated and well hydrated – alternating glasses of water with your champagne cocktails – and reapplying gloss.  Our Kissaholic Lip Stains provide oh-so-smoochable color that lasts well into the “oui” hours.
  4. Get the low-down on highlighter.  If applied correctly this oft-overlooked beauty booster can take your face to a whole new level – especially in party lighting.  With the right amount of sheen, you can hide little imperfections and reflect the light in a most flattering way.  Practice with an expert at the beauty counter and you’ll soon be a pro at home. Or watch this simple vid from Birchbox.
  5. And speaking of highlights, turn heads with an extra smokin’-hot ensemble!  While most women will opt for a festive top and jeans, go for a figure-flattering dress that emphasizes your curviest assets and celebrates your femininity.  Add a pair of sparkly heels and bling in the new year!

Now that you’re looking hotter than hot, baby, why not keep ‘em guessing with a few sexy tricks up your sleeve?  You, my dear, have the power to create the most memorable New Year’s Eve imaginable.  It’s pretty much all in your hands.

  1. Turn Me On Vibrating Panties are the ultimate party plaything.  Start the evening by slipping the remote control into your lover’s pocket.  Strut into the party and watch him go gaga as you make your moves on the dance floor.  (Note to yourself:  try to control your facial expressions!)

    Turn Me On Vibrating Panties

    The Ultimate Party Plaything – Turn Me On Vibrating Panties

  2. Brush up on the fine art of flirting!  There isn’t a guy with a pulse who doesn’t love flirtatious attention – even if he’s already your guy.  (And maybe even especially so!)  Keep it playful.  Good-natured teasing is our personal fave.  But a lingering look, a hand on his arm when he makes you laugh, and/or a genuine compliment can work wonders.  If you like his sexy blue eyes – tell him!  But just once.  Flirting is like glitter:  A little goes a long way. Check out chapter 17 of my book, The Official Booty Parlor Mojo Makeover – Four Weeks to a Sexier You, for tips on creating flirtation. The Official Booty Parlor Mojo Makeover Book
  3. Have you been good or bad this year?  The Good Girl / Bad Girl Feather Spanker will help you both decide.  Brandish it playfully at the party (a super fun accessory) and let it seductively foreshadow what’s to come.  After the midnight countdown, take it into the bedroom together for a little hanky spanky.  Start the new year with a bang!

Now, make this the year of you – only sexier!  Carry your revamped sexy mojo into the new year.  There is no reason to limit all this action to one little night.  Just imagine the possibilities if you enjoyed this level of sexy self-confidence throughout 2014 – and beyond.

With loads of love & affection,

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Let Your Sexiest Self Shine This Halloween!

Halloween … It’s the sexiest night of the year, right? Well, yes – and no. For some women, it’s the one night where they can get sexy, bare some skin and be their most sensual selves. But then, they put it all away and go back to their “regular” selves.

To them, we say, enjoy every minute! Break out the fishnets and fake eyelashes, the mega push-up bras and the sky-high stilettoes. But when Halloween is over, don’t pack those tricks away until next year. Use October 31st to get inspired, to revel in your “alter-ego” and enjoy the thrill of being a sex kitten, the power of your own sexy self. Then harness that power and hold onto it all year long.

For others, Halloween is an opportunity to supercharge everyday sexiness. It’s like adding an extra “va” to your “va va voom.” So your strut sultry self – and if you’re looking for some secret weapons to add to your bag sexy tricks, here are a few we think you’ll love:

Collect Kisses, Not Candy

You’re dressed to kill and looking deliciously kissable. Seal the deal by carrying Kissaholic Aphrodisiac-Infused Breath Mist with you so you’re ready for kisses – all night long.

Hey, Flirty-pants:
Wearing a super-short costume that bares (nearly) all? Take your costume to the next level wearing our Turn Me On Vibrating Panties beneath your Naughty Nurse, Sexy Schoolgirl or Officer Frisky costume and for a sexy night you will both remember.

Give ‘Em Props:
Whether you’re going for the good girl or bad girl theme, you’ll be the life of the party with the Good Girl/ Bad Girl Feather Spanker that you can use to seduce – or punish – the ones on your trick or treat list.”

Still on the fence about what you’re going to be for Halloween? We asked Booty Parlor Founder Dana B. Myers for some costume sin-spiratation – check out what she shared!

Echos from Halloween’s Past~ co-founders, Charlie & Dana B. Meyers.


Costume Sin-spiration directly from Dana:

“Miley Cyrus is expected to be one of the most popular costumes this year (Wrecking Ball, anyone?) If you’re going for an OTT Miley , work a bright red lip with Kissaholic Aphrodisiac Lip Stain in Frenchy & pair it with the Throb Lip gloss. With all that “tongue-wagging”, you’ll want to keep your breath fresh, so don’t forget your Kissaholic Mist)!”

“Playing dress-up as a princess or flirting with fairy wings? Coat your curves in our shimmering Dust Up and let your skin light up the night.”

“Halloween is the night to show off some skin- whether you’re baring your midriff as Cleopatra or much, much more as a frisky French Maid. Use Flirty Little Secret Bronzer with Pheromones to prep your bod and make every inch glow… while the proprietary blend of pheromones inspires attraction. Hint: FLS is a great way to enhance a spray tan, so if you’re going for the bronze, don’t forget to shimmer!”


Transform Negatives into Sexy Positives

Hi BP Babes,

I’m now four weeks in with Baby No. 2 and each day is getting a little bit easier for me. Ok, sometimes, it feels a little bit harder!? Either way, it’s been both an empowering and a challenging experience. In the last week, there’ve been moments where I’ve become hard on myself; in particular, I’ve become a bit down on my body. I don’t yet have the green light to return to my exercise routine, and I’ve been freely over-indulging in sweet treats. I’m not exactly sure what to wear in these early post-partum days and well, it just all feels a bit mushy – physically and emotionally. It got me thinking back another time in my life where I was hard on myself, and I want to share the story with you.


This bracelet reminds me to love my body!

Back in 2001, I was a single girl living in NYC. I was exhausted working 3 jobs, and had been dumped by my boyfriend right before the holidays. It was my quarter-life crisis moment and I started to turn against my body. While I was at a normal, healthy weight and had always been body-confident, I found I’d become fixated on my thighs. I stopped seeing myself in a beautiful way. I remember standing in front of the mirror in my undies and hearing my inner voice literally attacking my thighs, saying, You’re so round! Why can’t you be smaller? Why are you so big? I was even grabbing my outer thigh with my hand and wondering what my leg would look like if I had liposuction. It was as if the anxiety and uncertainty I was feeling about life was narrowing itself in on a body part. And that negative voice kept getting louder.

All of the sudden, I realized what I was doing to myself and it seemed crazy! Suddenly, the confident self-loving Dana that I’d known my whole life was fed up. I marched myself into the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror. I looked deep into my own eyes and started saying out loud, You’re okay. You’re beautiful. I love you. Stop this self-destructive nonsense. You love yourself WAY more than this!

It was a breakthrough moment. No longer would I allow myself to get stuck in that nasty repetitive loop of Negative Body Banter – the self-destructive mental chatter I’d been inflicting upon myself and my thighs. From that day forward, I began saying affirmations of self-love. I was talking to myself the way I’d talk to my best friend in crisis. Then, I started having more fun with the process, incorporating grand dramatic affirmations like, Thighs, you are terribly gorgeous. I love how juicy you are. Any man would be lucky to catch a even a glance of you!

You might think that sounds ridiculous, and it may have even felt that way at first. But it was a major awakening for me. It was self-care in its purest form and it’s grown into something far beyond the acute fix I needed that day and into such a beautiful relationship that I have with myself.

So, when I noticed that negative voice rise up again the other day, I went right back to what I know. I put myself back in front of the mirror, stopped ragging on my “post-natal puffiness” and refocused on what is feeling sexy and beautiful right now. My eyes, how they sparkle. My bust, so plump and glowy. My hair, damn, it’s magnificent! My belly, magical to have created the most amazing baby! And honestly, once I get into that self-lovin’ groove, I can go on and on about myself. But I won’t bore you with my list ;)

Instead, I challenge you to transform the negative messages you send yourself into more loving ones. Think of a body part you’ve been down on, or a perceived flaw you repeatedly fixate upon and counteract it with a positive, sexy self-love saying. Hating your arms? Flip the script and dig deep to find something sexy about them. Think your butt is fat? Retrain your brain to say something amazing about its seductive shape. We may not be able to banish the negative body banter from our lives completely, but can we can quickly nip it in the bud when it shows up. Life’s too short and sweet to waste time tearing ourselves down, right? Let’s support each other and take ownership in building our sexy self-confidence up instead!

With loads of love & affection,

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Mojo On My Mind

Hey BP Babes!

As I’m writing to you, I’m bouncing my newborn in a baby lounger with my right foot and clutching a super-strong cup of coffee with my left hand, all while I contemplate the new phase my life has just entered.

Yes, I’ve now added “parent-of-two” to the long list of roles I play – entrepreneur, wife, author, mama, friend, daughter, do-er and dreamer. Charlie and I delivered a beautiful baby girl just two weeks ago, and boy, has it been an eventful two weeks. We introduced her to our toddler and began to help him adjust, we had a house full of visitors, I transitioned from sleeping all night to sleeping in short bursts, and of course, I went from being in the mix at BP Headquarters to being in full-charge at the Homefront HQ.  All at once, it’s been beautiful, hazy, precious and chaotic.

Pretty quickly, my body is returning to its pre-pregnancy state. I can see my feet again, and hey, let’s be honest, I can see my everything again! It feels good to get my body back, to start to feel like myself again, to be able to move and stretch without a watermelon being in the way. My hormones are finding equilibrium and the fortress of pregnancy pillows in between the hubby and I has officially been removed. Now, don’t get me wrong – it’s only been 2 weeks. This mama’s Mojo isn’t flying at full speed again. But, I do have Mojo on my mind. I can feel my inner spark reigniting and a driving desire firing up.  I may be packin’ a breast-pump in my purse, but on the flip side, I’m making sure to enjoy this relatively short window of having uber-gorgeous, amped-up “girls.” Unbelievably full nursing cleavage does wonders for my Mojo (and of course, provides my babe with good nutrition!). I’m making an effort to wear my summer wedges and Kissaholic Lip Stain and wash & fluff my ‘fro. My swagger is on its way back and I like it.

As you know, I believe that sex, sexiness and “Mojo’ are just as important as eating, drinking and working out. When I say “Mojo,” what I’m referring to is your feminine sexual spark. It’s your glow that comes from within, your lust for life, love and sex, and all the juicy possibilities that live therein.  Mojo is more than just confidence – it’s sexy self-confidence, your ability to know, embrace and love your body; to know what turns you on and satisfies you, and to then be able to communicate it. And yet, more often than not, so many of us are willing to set our “sexy” aside, dismiss its importance, or simply let it drift to the back burner of our busy lives – especially when we’re going through major life changes like a pregnancy or new-baby, a break-up or divorce, or just under the pressures of juggling a busy professional & home life.

Granted, it’s part of my job to keep my Mojo alive, which may be why I’m getting it moving so quickly after having a baby. But it’s not just because I have to, it’s because I want to. When I rub my still-swollen tummy with body butter, I’m reminded of and reconnected to my power as a woman.  When I take 5 to plumpify my pucker and swipe on some mascara, I feel like a more pulled-together version of me. I’m simply giving my inner vixen the permission to show up each day– even if I’m overtired from midnight feedings and the toddler/newborn juggling act. My little moments of sexy self-care are my daily confidence-boosting practice. And I truly believe that that confidence is my sexiest asset.

Cultivating a true, honest and unique sexy self-confidence makes you feel lit up inside. When you’re nurturing your Mojo, you’ll find your whole world begins to change in a sexier, more enchanted way. When you consciously love your own body, you’re way more enthusiastic to share it with your partner. And on top of all that, when you’re practicing self-love and the pursuit of satisfaction – all of your life’s other endeavors benefit. I know that when I’m paying my Mojo its due attention, I’m a better mama, a much better wife, and a happier, more creative woman, all-around.

So, no matter what’s going on in your life right now, I wanted to check in and remind you just how important, special, meaningful and magical your Mojo can be to you. Go swipe on some gloss and blow yourself a kiss. Or grab your lover and kiss them. Or put on your favorite skirt and flirt with a stranger on the sidewalk. I’ll be right out there with you. But right now? The baby’s down, so I’m gonna go take a nap ;)

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