Add Magic Intimate Lubricant

Add Magic Lubricant

Our odorless, flavorless, luxury lubricant. Learn more

Use with a toy. Use with a boy. Use with your favorite boytoy.

Make the most of your sexiest moments with Add Magic, Booty Parlor's signature luxury lubricant that's silky smooth, long lasting and was designed with a woman's body in mind. Add Magic is delicate enough for your most sensitive spots, and resilient enough to outlast even you. Booty Parlor's luxury lubricant makes everything so much better.

Product Features:

  • Odorless and Flavorless
  • Pure Water-based Formula
  • Silky Smooth, Never Sticky
  • Made in USA

The adorable round bottle is so pretty and discreet, you'll never have to hide it. Plus, it's made from a high-quality plastic that will bounce (not break!) if you drop it.

"My Husband and I will stand by our word when we say that Add Magic Lubricant will enhance your sex life like no other Lubricant out there. Add Magic is non-greasy, it doesn't run like others, and it will last a VERY LONG TIME! And that is why whenever we are feeling a little frisky we ADD some MAGIC!"

Sophia R., North Chicago, IL


"I love the add magic lubricant. I have really sensitive skin so I was worried I'd have a reaction. But its been GREAT.

Not to mention the great discrete bottle so we don't have to hide it. In fact we can keep them close at hand without anyone knowing.

Loving Booty Parlor!"

Jon & Katrina., Portland, OR